“Our mail centers and intra-facility operations have benefited not only in increased productivity, but in reduced costs as well. A-1 has done an excellent job in responding to our needs and the needs of Essex County. ” – Frank M. Ciufo, Cathedral Healthcare System 

“A-1 has consistently provided the best all around messenger service to our organization than I have experienced with any other messenger service. A-1 took the time to understand our business needs and service requirements to ensure a successful working relationship.” – Dawn E. Jenkins, Metropolitan Transit Authority 

“The added values they have brought to our organization have allowed us to reduce costs while maintaining the highest service levels possible. We highly recommend A-1 for any office services management or delivery service need.” – Frank Modifica, Bowne of New York, L.L.C. 

“A-1 has been our courier service for the last 25 years. They consistently provide superior service in all respects. We recently resigned with A-1 as they overall were the best organization for our needs.” – Lawrence P. Mahmarian , Merrill Lynch

“I would like to take a moment and say ‘Thank you’ for your outstanding service and support over the past five years. Outsourcing the mail center operations, including messenger services and the duplicating functions to A-1 Office Services, was one of the best decisions made.” – Dominick Tucci, Ogilvy & Mather

“We moved our office to our present quarters and A-1 proved once again how invaluable their assistance was to us. …There is no question in my mind that we would have had serious problems without the total commitment of A-1 to get us up and running on the day our new office opened. ” – Gerald Sussman, Oxford Univerity Press 

“We have been a client of A-1 International for 19 years. During that time, we have found their service to be excellent. They have always been responsive to our last minute needs and we have relied on them to solve our most important and immediate logistical problems. ” – J.G. Norton, Farrell Lines Incorporated