Outsourcing Specialists

As one of the original pioneers of mail center and back-office outsourcing, A-1 has the experience, knowledge and expertise to improve your efficiency, reduce your bottom line costs and allow you to concentrate on core business.

A-1 Office Services Management offers a customized service designed for your needs, whether a turn-key operation or a departmental staffing assignment. We guarantee a full staff every day, ending back-up worries, lost productivity or the need for untrained temporary help.

This staffing guarantee not only provides the assurance that the job gets done, it also increases productivity time for other employees of the company. Also, our full staffing guarantee can reduce department headcount, saving salary and benefit costs.

A-1 also offers continuous management and consulting services at no extra charge, assisting our customers in all aspects of their office service and business needs.

Cost Savings Through:

  • Exact staffing
  • Volume discounts
  • Administrative cost reductions
  • Fringe benefit reductions

Turn-key Operations

Our turnkey management option provides fully staffed and managed departments, handling the entire operation and taking care of all details such as :

  • Recruiting and Training
  • Database Updates
  • Salaries and Benefits
  • Equipment/Technology
  • Trained Backup
  • Cross – Training
  • Accounting/Tracking
  • Additional Management
  • Cost Control
  • Continuous Consulting

Back-Office/Administrative Specialist

Some of the back office departments and functions that A-1 manages and staffs include:

  • Mail Center
  • Lobby Management
  • Duplicating Center
  • Data Input/Filing Areas
  • Messenger Center
  • Shipping/Receiving Areas
  • Reception
  • Customer Service Centers
  • Porter Services
  • Conference Room Set-up

And many others.

Our services are on a modular basis. You pick and choose how extensive you want our services to be. There is never any pressure to combine departments or personnel under our service agreements.

Motivated Employees

A-1 provides interested, motivated managers and employees who understand that they are embarked on a career path with A-1, instead of dead-end jobs. Promotions and level-upgrades are the norm at A-1, offering real opportunities for advancement.

Increased Productivity Through:

  • Guaranteed Attendance
  • Qualified, cross-trained personnel
  • Innovative systems and procedures
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Additional layers of management
  • Increased communications