Warehousing & Delivery Services

  • Service Parts Warehousing
  • Transportation Management
  • Total Inventory Control
  • Customized Reporting

Reduce the inconvenience, time and costs associated with managing and warehousing your own service parts supply. Take advantage of the efficiency, economy-of-scale and speed that comes from working with a single-source warehousing and delivery vender. With A-1 Logistics Solutions’ comprehensive warehousing and delivery services, you now have an alternative to more costly, less efficient in-house operations.

Utilizing A-1’s full menu of warehouse services and delivery resources will allow you to dedicate 100% of your operation to your core business function. You no longer have to employ warehouse personnel to stock and inventory service parts essential to your operation. Allow us to handle it all, while your firm benefits from substantial cost savings and reduced management responsibilities.

With A-1 Logistics Solutions, you are able to scale back operations to their core strengths and eliminate costly storage and management distractions. With our reporting and inventory management systems, you are guaranteed a complete, accurate and timely view of your service parts inventory status.

In addition, A-1’s 24-hour delivery service promises that your parts will always be available. You will always reach a dispatcher in person, 24 x 7. Our NEXTELdigital two-way radio system enables real-time communications with our drivers allowing us to track and report current delivery status to our customers in a time-critical manner.

At A-1, customer service with a personal touch has made us an industry leader in service parts distribution

Fulfillment & Distribution Services 

  • Multiple delivery options;
    next-day ground, postal, and LTL
  • Fully operational; 24 x7 x 365
  • Automated picking
  • Multiple quality checks
  • Serial number capture
  • Warranty management

An integral feature of A-1 Logistics Solutions is in providing business infrastructure solutions resulting from our warehousing and distribution expertise in the management of client-owned inventory. With multiple locations and partners throughout the United States, A-1 provides a single source for international distribution and fulfillment needs.

Supporting our business-to-business and business-to-consumer customer base, we receive inventory in our distribution center, verify shipment accuracy, unpack and inspect for damage, and in most cases stock for shipment the same day. We are able to pick, pack and ship customers’ orders, including any additional customized packaging, inserts, and promotional literature.

In addition, A-1 offers a full-scale, client-specific reverse logistics program, linking all returns processing in real-time to our inventory management system. Returns are entered into our system immediately upon receipt of the product, at which time client-specific standards are strictly adhered to in re-stocking, disposal or warranty procedures.

Our extensive use of advanced technology and equipment in our distribution centers enables us to maintain an order accuracy rate in excess of 99.7% and consequently, ship 100% of in-stock orders on the same day.

Kitting and Assembly Services 

  • Build to order/Build to stock
  • Expedited orders
  • Passive and active electrostatic discharge
    (ESD) controls
  • Product labeling
  • Serial number generation, marking, and/or capture
  • Lot number generation, marking and/or capture

A-1’s kitting and assembly services include light assembly, specialized kitting and supplier-consigned inventory hubbing in our distribution facility.

A-1’s assembly service combined with our supplier-owned inventory hub service allows our clients to reduce cycle times, compress their supply chain and consolidate their operations and supplier management functions. Since we have supplier inventory management, assembly and fulfillment services all under one roof, you are able to increase flexibility in product line utilization, as well as reduce the response time necessary to change orders or packaging development.

Utilizing A-1 Logistics Solutions’ full menu of services and resources will allow you to collapse your supply chain into the minimal steps necessary to prepare your product for distribution to any channel. Whether for wholesale, mass merchant retail, or direct to the consumer, you no longer have to employ multiple providers, or request your suppliers to consign multiple inventory caches for each channel. Allow us to handle it all, while you benefit from substantial cost savings and reduced time to market.

With A-1 you are able to consolidate operations from a channel standpoint, and also from a geographic perspective. With our reporting and information management capabilities, you are guaranteed a complete, accurate and timely view of your inventory and distribution status, arming you with the data you need for faster, more effective decision-making and financial reconciliation.