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The year is moving along at a rapid pace, and A-1 is moving right along with it!  Our successes over the past few years are beginning to multiply as we continue to add to our roster of new accounts and expand with our current customers.

Local fleet outsourcing and routed services continue to flourish, but it is our expertise in same-day and next day distribution for e-commerce and medical supply customers that is paving the way for our continued expansion. Our brick-and-mortar locations anchor this initiative, but the greatest impact is the growth of our 3rd Party Logistics handling of this service.

Our agents around the country, working through our online services, are helping to provide our customers with a total domestic solution to their business-to-consumer and business-to-business same-day e-commerce needs.

With new markets opening on a regular basis, A-1 will be at the forefront of the fastest growing segment of the e-commerce service initiative for  many years to come!

“A-1 has consistently provided the best all around messenger service to our organization than I have experienced with any other messenger service. A-1 took the time to understand our business needs and service requirements to ensure a successful working relationship.”

Dawn E. Jenkins, Metropolitan Transit Authority